How to use the automatic bloglist site ?

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For many good reasons bloggers want to link each other, but display and maintainance of lists is somewhat tedious.

I developped a web platform aimed at creating, maintaining, and automatically updating lists.

Each list is stored in a mysql database. A password is required to administrate the list.

The list can then be retrieved in various html formats, and also in wiki format.

A php file is also generated to be included. Be careful however that including the list in php won’t produce links to the blogs of the lists but to the list’s platform. Such a list can be only decorative (in a blogroll that accepts php) and must be combined with an html list in a post for efficient linking.

An OPML file is generated that can be imported in the blogroll of several blog platforms such as WordPress or Dotclear (speaking only of the free platforms).

A « pseudo RSS » file is generated that mimics an RSS file containing fluxes. The list can then be imported in the RSS reader of your blog platform. In this configuration, the list will be updated automatically.

In fact I made two versions of the RSS file, one that is ordered alphabetically, called XML and the other one with the last entries of the list present first called RSS. WordPress limitates to 10 the number of RSS fluxes that can be imported from a given url. This is likely to be too limitating for your list. A solution is to have an OPML file in your blogroll and to complete it with the RSS entries. So you don’t have to update your OPML too often.

When the creator of a list adds a blog, the files are generated by clicking on the links (RSS, XML, OPML, php). We can expect robots to do this job, but it is safer to click in order to update the file.

When you click, you obtain the url of the list to be indicated in the import session of the blogolist, or in your RSS reader widgets.

You will still have to wait for the RSS flux on your blog to update, and you don’t have to care about lists any more.

And then you can move on to other things, such as an agregator to display content of your list. Very soon, I hope to add a link to the agregator of the list.